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Ban Ki-moon (Hangul: 반기문; Hanja: 潘基文; born 13 June 1944) is the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations, after succeeding Kofi Annan in 2007. 

Michael Daniel Higgins (Irish: Mícheál D. Ó hUiginn; born 18 April 1941) is the ninth and current President of Ireland, having taken office on 11 November 2011, following victory in the 2011 Irish presidential election.

Rachida Dati is a French politician and Member of the European Parliament, representing Île-de-France.

Joachim Hauk (born January 24, 1940 in Rostock) is the eleventh president of the Federal Republic of Germany from March 18, 2012.

Corina Casanova (born 4 January 1956) is the Federal Chancellor of Switzerland.

Christian Wulff (born 19 June 1959) is the President of Germany and a politician of the Christian Democratic 

Tony Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a former British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007.

Benjamin Netanyahu 
Prime Minister of the State of Israel

Shimon Peres ( born Szymon Perski on 2 August 1923) is the ninth and current President of the State of Israel .

President Ma Ying-jeou (Taiwan)

Aníbal António Cavaco Silva , GCC (  born 15 July 1939), is the President of Portugal .

Klaus Tschütscher Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

Fredrik Reinfeldt - Sweden's prime minister since 2006.

Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy

Werner Faymann the Austrian chancellor.

Tarja Halonen
President of the Republic of Finland

Nicolas Sarkozy
President of the French Republic

Condoleezza Rice (born November 14, 1954) is an American political scientist and diplomat. She served as the 66th United States Secretary of State , and was the second person to hold that office in the administration of President George W. Bush.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born 19 June 1964) is a British Conservative Party politician and journalist, who has been the elected Mayor of London since 2008. He was previously the Member of Parliament for Henley and Editor in Chief of The Spectator magazine.

Sir Anand Satyanand (born 22 July 1944) was the 19th Governor-General of New Zealand.

Rt Hon John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand .

Andrus Ansip (born 1 October 1956) is the current Prime Minister of Estonia, and chairman of the market liberal Estonian Reform Party

Mary Patricia McAleese served as the eighth President of Ireland from 1997 to 2011. 

Kaj Leo Johannesen Prime Minister of the Faroes Islands

Dimitris Christofias President Republic of Cyprus

Dr. Karolos Papoulias is a Greek politician who has been the President of Greece since 2005.

Nicholas Joseph Orville Liverpool (born September 9, 1934) is a Dominican politician and jurist who has served as the sixth President of Dominica since October 2, 2003.

Martin Brian Mulroney - 18th Prime Minister of Canada

Stephen Joseph Harper, PC MP (born April 30, 1959) is the twenty-second and current Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party. 

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party . He was elected for two terms as Prime Minister of Spain, in the 2004 and 2008 general elections.  After the crushing defeat his party suffered in the elections, he left office on 21 December 2011.

Mick Cornett is the current Mayor of Oklahoma City

Bronisław  Komorowski President of the Republic of Poland 

Václav Klaus is the second President of the Czech Republic (since 2003) and a former Prime Minister (1992–1997).

Eduard Rossel Ergartovich (born October 8, 1937) - Russian statesman and political figure, in 1991-1993. - Head of Administration, in 1994-1995. Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Duma, in 1995-2009. - Governor of the Sverdlovsk region in 1993-2001. and 2009-2012. - Member of the Federation Council.

Steven Chu  is an American physicist and the 12th United States Secretary of Energy.

Richard Lynn "Rick" Scott (born December 1, 1952) is a businessman and the 45th and current Governor of the U.S. state of Florida.

Earl Ray Tomblin Governor of West Virginia

Swiss Parliament

Hannelore Kraft  ist eine Politikerin der SPD und ist seit dem 14. Juli 2010 Ministerpräsidentin des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Dr. Beatrix Karl - Austrian Minister of Justice.

Rainer Brüderle German politician and member of the FDP

Hanna Beata Gronkiewicz-Waltz (born November 4, 1952 in Warsaw) - Polish politician, a lawyer.

   Ivan Gašparovič (born 27 March 1941) is a Slovak politician and law professor who has been the President of Slovakia since 15 June 2004.

Viktor Orbán (born 31 May 1963) is the current Prime Minister of Hungary.

Laura Rudas (born March 10, 1981 in Vienna) was an Austrian politician (SDP) and a member of the Austrian National Council.

Joke Schauvliege (Ghent, 16 March 1970) is a Flemish politician.

Jerzy  Buzek (born 3 July 1940) is a Polish engineer, academic lecturer and politician who was the ninth post-Cold War Prime Minister of Poland from 1997 to 2001. He has been a member of the European Parliament since 13 June 2004, and he was elected as President of the European Parliament on 14 July 2009, succeeding Hans-Gert Pöttering.

Eberhard van der Laan (born June 28, 1955 in Leiden) Dutch Labour Party politician, the mayor of Amsterdam since 2010.

Klaus Wowereit (born 1 October 1953 in Berlin) is a German politician, member of the SPD (Social Democratic Party), and  the Mayor of Berlin.

Olaf Scholz is a German politician of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and Mayor of Hamburg since 7 March 2011.

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