How to Collect Autographs – Best Tips

Autographs Through The Email

Collecting autographs through the email is also one of the best way to collect celebrities autographs.
You have to search on Google for particular celebrity Official website. After opening particular celebrity website, go to Contact Us page, Email Me page or anything like that where you can contact celebrity to request autograph of him/her.

Autographs Through The Mail

Collecting autographs through the mail is the best way to collect celebrities autographs. This will save your time as well as your money. Success rate in this way is fifty fifty because it totally depend upon the celebrity to reply you or not. Some celebrities have their own fan office to reply your autographs request. 
There are so many websites available for celebrities addresses. You can find it on Google. Some websites are paid and others are free! This is the best tip for How to Collect Autographs.

Autographs In Person

This is one of the toughest way to collect autographs – Autographs In Person. This way is most time consuming if you are beginner and have question How to Collect Autographs then this is not best way. First try to collect autographs through the mail and then start collecting autographs in Person. You have to aware about celebrities events, programs in your town/city. You have to also carry some photographs, card of celebrities to take his/her autograph on it.

Autographs Purchase

This is the easiest way to collect autographs. You can purchase autographs from autographs dealer like me. You have to mention the categories or particular celebrity name to the dealer. If that autograph is available then dealer will sell to you otherwise you have to search again new dealer for that autograph.
Besides this, You can also purchase autographs from eBay and Autographs Dealers website online. Please note that eBay is the popular place for fake autographs. So, I am recommending you to only purchase from good rated autographs dealer. Check twice autograph and ask question if you have any doubt.


  1. How do I write to my favorite actor?

  2. How Frequently do you send?

    1. Queries to the email I send every day, it could be 1-2 or dozens of letters ..

    2. How do you find new people to request autographs from?

      Thanks for making this blog, I really enjoy getting autographs, it's almost an addiction and this blog helps out a lot!

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